Forget waiting time at the eye doctors office and complete a vision test within 5 minutes!  


Our network of 4,000 doctors will verify and email you a new digital prescription. 

Take 10% off your new eyeglasses

Save 10% off your next order of SunNSee eyeglasses with your new prescription.

Number of users who receive personalized eye care.



Number of users who receive personalized eye care.


Determine eligibility 

Answer a few questions about your eye health to make sure you qualify to renew your prescription virtually.

Tell us about your 

current prescription.

Upload a copy of your current prescription, indicate what kind 

of lenses you need.

Take a simple online 

vision test

Follow simple instructions to access your visual acuity.

Connect with an 

eye doctor

Meet with an optometrist or ophthalmologist to finalize 

your prescription.


Does a prescription renewal for my glasses or contact lenses replace my annual eye exam?

No, renewing your glasses or contact lens prescription is not a substitute for annual eye exams. We strongly recommend getting an annual comprehensive exam to evaluate overall eye health.

Is the renewal service offered by EyecareLive suitable for all age groups? 

No, this particular service provided by EyecareLive is not recommended for minors under the age of 18 or patients above the age of 65.

Prescriptions for minors are known to change yearly so it’s best that they’re seen in-person for renewals. Also, many ocular conditions occur with aging. That’s why it is recommended that patients over the age of 65 get a physical eye exam before getting a new prescription. 

Can I use this service if my prescription is more than two years old? 

It is highly recommended that a patient see their eye doctor in-person for a complete evaluation when a prescription is more than two years old. 

The current virtual test is unable to detect changes in the eyes that are required to provide the most accurate prescription. 

Can I use this service if I am uncomfortable with my current prescription?

The prescription renewal service is suitable for patients who are comfortable with their existing prescription. We won’t be able to provide any major updates or changes in the prescription. 

In addition, the evaluating doctor might recommend an in-person visit if they find major changes in your prescription. 

Can I use the renewal service to change my prescription, or order a different type of contact lens?

This service is not recommended for changing the prescription, only renewing the current prescription and lens.

Am I guaranteed to get a prescription through this service?

Ultimately, the decision to renew a prescription is at the sole discretion of the doctor.

Will I be charged for the consultation if the doctor doesn't renew my prescription?

No, you will not be charged for a consultation if the doctor decides that you are not eligible for a prescription renewal. 

Sunnsee Eyewear and EYecarelive partner up! 

SunNSee is excited to announce our partnership with EyecareLive, an industry leader in telehealth eye care. This partnership will instantly connect eyeglass users with a network of 4,000+ expert eye care doctors to optimize the eyeglass buying experience. 
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