Shopping for eyeglasses online can be difficult.  

We created the SunNSee Fit Guide to alleviate those concerns.

The Five Common 

Face Shapes

Experts have categorized the majority of face shapes into five categories.


Think Inside The Box

A square, retro cat-eye, or geometric shape is likely your ideal frame shape. These frame shapes will bring a balance and add emphasis to your best facial features. 

Frame Suggestions: Alvaro | Deborah | Roque  


Stick With Smooth Features

Due to the distinct features of a square face, consider round, oval, or cat-eye frames. These shapes will add balance by softening your face's features - think of a smooth ocean wave. 

Frame Suggestions: Adao | Anxo | Neves | Tome  


Your Frame Options Are Endless 

The Oval face shape is slightly longer than wide with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. This shape is most proportional, giving you the freedom to explore any frame shape. You will indeed look great in all SunNSee frames!  

Frame Suggestions: Alvaro | Benjamin | Breno | Ines   


Think Narrow 

An Oblong face shape is quite comparable to an oval; however, it is much longer than wide. Sometimes, twice as long as wide. Consider frames with a smaller lens and nose bridge measurement. 

Frame Suggestions: AlvaroDeborah | Ines  


Balancing The Opposites 

The Heart Face Shape gives you many options to choose from. Facial features are broader above the nose, include high cheekbones and a tapered jawline. An ideal frame will elongate your face while balancing the definition of your chin. Consider rounded, aviator, and cat-eye shapes.

Frame Suggestions: Adao | Neves | Deborah  

Understanding The Frame Size 

 Eyeglasses will have three frame 

measurements printed on the inside of 

the temples. See example below. 

Lucio: 49-21-145

Lens Width - 49 mm

The Lens Width is the horizontal distance of the lens - also called the "eye size." 

This measurement is arguably the most important to ensure your eyes align near the center of the lens. 

Nose Bridge 

Width- 21mm

The Bridge width is the distance between two lenses and space where the glasses will rest on your nose. 
Tip: if you have a smaller PD or thin nose, choose a frame with a short bridge length (16-19 mm)

Temple Length - 145 mm

The Temple Length measures the arms on the lateral sides of the frame. 

Typical lengths include 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm. 

See All SunNSee Frame Sizes Below: 

Measurements: 50-21-142

Fit: Standard 


Measurements: 50-21-142

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 50-19-142

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 51-19-145

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 50-20-145

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 52-16-140

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 52-19-140

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 52-18-140

Fit: Standard

Measurements: 49-22-145

Fit: Standard / Wide

Measurements: 52-20-145

Fit: Standard / Wide

Measurements: 50-18-142

Fit: Narrow / Standard 

Measurements: 49-21-145

Fit: Standard 

At the end of the day, go with your gut! 

Generally, you will pick your favorite in the first 

few seconds of viewing.