SunNSee is a family-owned and operated business, established in 1926 on the island of Oahu. Our story starts nearly one hundred years ago with our great grandfather, Abel Medeiros. Abel was the first licensed optician in Hawaii who founded Medeiros Optical in 1926 on the island of Oahu. Fast forward to today SunNSee Eyewear is proudly continuing his legacy with an online store for customers all over the US.


Our eyewear story started three generations ago on Oahu. Our vision was to make eyewear and provide same-day service. Our shop grew quickly and our first surface lab was added below it. Our ability to provide a vision check and glasses on the same day made us popular. Our goal was to continually improve the way glasses were manufactured. A new chapter in our history was the development of high-tech optical equipment that we sold throughout the US. 


In the past few decades, eyewear has undergone many changes. From manufacturing techniques to the latest styles. In addition to providing state-of-the-art lab services, we still strive to provide excellent customer service. . We hope you get to experience our services. We at SunNSee Eyewear wish you a warm aloha.